Looking for an Emergency Vet

urgence vétérinaire Genève

At the other end of the line, a panicked female voice tells me, “All vets seem closed. I looked for an emergency veterinarian in Geneva for an on-call vet and I only found one place open – your clinic. Are you open?”

When my phone rings at late hours, it’s usually because an animal is in pain and they’re trying to find a vet on duty.

This is also why since the opening of my practice more than 30 years ago and until this day, I have made it a point of honor to always be available for anyone looking for an on-call veterinarian in Geneva, Nyon, and the surrounding area.

On the other end of the line, the worried woman’s voice, speaking at top speed, says to me: “When I found my dog ​​Thila lying in the garden, panting and hissing, I knew something was wrong. .

At first, I thought she had been stung by a bee or a wasp. But as I approached, I saw that her mouth was very swollen.

My dog ​​is dying! Can I bring it to you?

“Of course, come right away”, I answer her.

A few minutes later, Thila the dog was at my veterinary office.

After a detailed examination, it turns out that the dog had been stung by a wasp or a bee in her mouth and also by a tick on her body. She had an allergy and piroplasmosis, a life-threatening infection caused by a tick bite.

Thila was barely able to walk, and she was close to death. But listen to what the owner of Thila the dog said:


“That evening, she had trouble walking and was even dying…Now she is well again, you saved her for me!”

 ” Thila “

” She got stung by an insect, I think a bee or a wasp in her mouth. She swelled, swelled and I was afraid she would choke. As it was evening, all the vets were closed except your practice.

I was able to come to you and that’s when you saw it wasn’t just a bee or a wasp, she also had piroplasmosis…

That evening, she had trouble walking and was even dying…Now she is well again, you saved her for me.

Thanks to your care, the next day, she got back on her feet again.”


“Animals are even better-taken care of than human beings(…)”

“The care is immediate.

For me, it’s great professionalism, it’s really the top !…

It’s very, very warm here, you’re welcomed, plus 24 hours a day.

Animals are even better taken care of than human beings because you can come right away.

I recommend the Cabinet Vétérinaire International. “